Term of Use

Term of Use

User Terms

These User Terms (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”) apply to all websites and mobile device applications that are located and linked to the domain of KEENLITY Inc. (hereinafter referred to as KEENLITY).

Agreement to Terms

When you register for services operated by KEENLITY Inc. and apply for these services via the Internet, it indicates your agreement to apply for these services. Once you have successfully registered, these Service Terms become established and effective. All services provided by this website will be provided in accordance with these Terms.

Before using the services of this website, users should read these Terms and the Privacy Policy carefully and ensure strict compliance with the aforementioned terms and the laws of the Taiwan. If you cannot comply with the contents of these Terms or disagree with all or part of these Terms, please stop using the services of this website and request deletion of personal data.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service at any time. Rights, obligations, and execution methods for cooperation proposals will be separately contracted and agreed upon.

Terms Update

KEENLITY reserves the right to modify and adjust any term within these Terms within the scope permitted by law. KEENLITY will notify of any modifications or adjustments to these Terms in the form of an announcement. Any modification or adjustment will take effect from the time of publication. If a user continues to use KEENLITY’s services after the publication of modifications, it signifies agreement to comply with the modified and adjusted Terms. Users have the obligation to regularly review these Terms to ensure understanding of all changes. If a user disagrees with the changes to these Terms by KEENLITY, please stop using KEENLITY’s services and delete your personal profile and cancel membership.

KEENLITY reserves the right to delete a member’s personal profile and cancel their membership according to these Terms.

Service Content

The content of KEENLITY services includes:

  • KEENLITY service websites: keenlity.com, its subdomains, and all services of the websites and companies owned by KEENLITY.
  • Applicable targets for KEENLITY services: Unlimited.
  • The number of tutorial courses provided by KEENLITY depends on the order you have completed; the service website will display corresponding permissions. If in doubt, please contact customer service.

User Account Information

User registration information is an important part of using KEENLITY services, and here is the content regarding user registration information:

  • Provide correct, up-to-date, and complete information: You must provide your correct, current, and complete information as user registration information.
  • Prohibition of providing false information: User registration information must not contain any fabricated, false, or fraudulent information, including personal information and credit card information, etc. Once discovered, the company has the right to refuse the user’s application and cancel their membership. If it involves behavior that violates the laws of the Taiwan, the company will pursue corresponding responsibilities according to the law.
  • Update user basic information: When your basic user information (such as email, address, phone number, and other registration information) changes, please update relevant personal information periodically to ensure its accuracy and completeness. If the information you provide is incorrect or does not comply, this website has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse your continued use of the service.
  • Privacy protection: The company will not disclose personal privacy-related information to third parties without the user’s consent, except as stipulated in the privacy policy.
  • Password protection: Users should properly keep their passwords confidential and not disclose or provide them to others. All operations performed using the same user account and password will be regarded as the behavior of the user and the password holder.
  • Loss or theft of password: If a user discovers or suspects that a third party is using their user account or password, they should immediately notify the company and take necessary preventive measures. If the user’s rights are impaired due to not notifying in time, the user will bear the related responsibilities.
  • Create an account: Whether you are a visitor or a member, you can browse content with corresponding permissions on KEENLITY. Only users who register as members can purchase online courses and enjoy various services provided by KEENLITY. Visitors can easily create an account on KEENLITY.
  • Legitimate use of account names: Users must not use information unrelated to their personal real information to create account names. This includes but is not limited to using names that imitate others, offensive words, racially discriminatory text, or any text that may harm or infringe on the rights of others as account names. If the above situation is discovered, KEENLITY has the right to terminate the service of that account.
  • Legal use of the service: You agree to comply with all applicable laws when using KEENLITY and use this service only for legal purposes. Using the service or accessing the system in a way not agreed or instructed by KEENLITY is strictly prohibited, and KEENLITY can directly stop providing services to such users.

User Norms:

  • Users have the obligation to pay the fees generated by using this service on time and to pay the authorized usage fees generated before the termination of these Terms.
  • Users have the obligation to properly keep their account and password confidential to prevent third parties from knowing it. For all behaviors and results derived from using that account and password (irrelevant whether it’s the user themselves or others) using KEENLITY services, the user must bear all responsibilities.
  • To protect the interests of this platform, instructors, and other students, users must not engage in account sharing, course video sharing, streaming, capturing, copying, selling, or public screening with others. If a user violates the above regulations, the company has the right to terminate their membership and pursue related civil and criminal responsibilities for the damages and infringements caused by their behavior.
  • When using this service, users have the obligation to comply with the authorization usage principles agreed upon in these Terms.
  • Users who have incorrect or changed personal information registered according to these Terms should notify KEENLITY as soon as possible to request correction. If the user’s rights are impaired due to failure to notify, the user shall bear the responsibility.
  • It is recommended to log out and close the window after each use of this service to ensure your user rights.
  • Users who use the account and password of a third party, causing the third party or the company to be investigated or prosecuted by other third parties or administrative authorities, have the right to claim damages from you, including but not limited to litigation fees, attorney fees, and loss of goodwill.
  • All behaviors of users using this service must comply with local or international relevant legal norms; users must bear all responsibilities for their behaviors.
  • Do not use any content that infringes on others’ personality rights, trademark rights, copyright, or other intellectual property rights or other rights.
  • Do not use any text that violates public order, good customs, or other illegal acts.
  • Do not use any extreme speech with strong political or religious colors.
  • Without the company’s permission, do not use the resources provided by this service or this website, including but not limited to text, sound, video, content, web pages, code, courses, etc., for any commercial transaction activities, or solicit advertisers or sponsors.
  • Do not violate other provisions in the KEENLITY service user terms.
  • Each account can only belong to one organization and cannot use the free quota to circumvent this rule.

Prohibition of Commercial Behavior

Users agree not to: a) modify, reproduce, extract, archive, reverse engineer, disassemble, or attempt to obtain the source code or content of any function or program; b) include any commercial or embedded marketing content in the service content, KEENLITY has the right to unconditionally remove or delete it at its discretion.

Warranty and Guarantee

KEENLITY does not guarantee the following: a) The service meets the specific requirements of users; b) Any product, service, information, or other courses purchased or obtained through KEENLITY will meet users’ expectations.

Intellectual Property Rights

The software, programs, and all content on this website, including but not limited to works, images, files, information, data, website structure, web page design, are owned by this website or other right holders according to law, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, business secrets, and proprietary technology, etc.

No one is allowed to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, adapt, extract, copy, distribute, publish, reverse engineer, decode, or reverse compile without permission. If you want to quote or reproduce the aforementioned software, programs, or website content, you must obtain KEENLITY’s prior written consent according to law. If there is a violation, you should compensate the website for damages (including but not limited to litigation fees and attorney fees, etc.).

To protect the rights of instructors, the courses you purchase on KEENLITY are only authorized for use by the individual who purchased the course and must not be shared with a third party. If infringement is reported or officially detected, you should compensate the website or other right holders for damages (including but not limited to litigation fees and attorney fees, etc.).

KEENLITY owns all rights, ownership, and benefits arising from all content published on KEENLITY services (“Website Content”), including all copyrights, patents, business secrets, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. All rights not explicitly authorized can only be exercised by KEENLITY.

All materials and combinations of website content, including but not limited to files, courses, various images, reports, course introductions, instructor introductions, and FAQs, are authored by KEENLITY. Your use of all materials and combinations of website content is subject to the constraints of these Terms.

The design or layout of KEENLITY is protected by copyright, design patents, trademarks, fair trade laws, and other legal rights, and may not be partially or wholly reproduced or imitated. Without explicit authorization from the KEENLITY Group, the reproduction or transmission of KEENLITY’s trademarks, designs, sounds, images, or any other content in which KEENLITY has rights is prohibited.


Service Quality
  • KEENLITY shall provide services with reasonably expected safety and ensure that its system and equipment do not experience errors, screen freezes, delays, interruptions, or connection failures, except due to user-related factors.
  • Any issues attributable to KEENLITY should be corrected or repaired within 72 hours.
  • KEENLITY strives to ensure the appropriateness of the educational content or materials provided by instructors on its platform. Upon notification of potential errors in course content or materials, we will assist you in confirming the content with the instructor.
  • In cases where system errors, interruptions, connection failures, or other service quality defects occur due to reasons attributable to third parties cooperating with KEENLITY, we will make efforts to contact these third parties for correction or repair.

KEENLITY does not guarantee the following:

  • The service will meet your specific requirements.
  • Any products purchased or obtained through KEENLITY will meet your expectations. The decision to use the service and the associated risk are at the user’s discretion.

Users should back up any text, images, and other data they upload. KEENLITY is not responsible for the total or partial loss or damage of this content for any reason.

The company makes no guarantees regarding the purposes for using the service or the results produced.

Statements, opinions, or actions within the KEENLITY service are solely representative of the individual users and do not reflect the company’s position. The company is not responsible for these and does not guarantee the accuracy of users’ claimed identities.

The service may contain links to third-party websites outside of KEENLITY. Since KEENLITY cannot control these websites and resources, users should understand the terms of use, privacy policies, and security of these third-party websites before use.

Licensing Fees

The cost of each course is as listed in the course catalog.

Armoury fees are as stated in the contract.

KEENLITY may offer products, educational courses, or services at a discounted price, which users can decide to purchase.

Users must not evade the payment of fees to KEENLITY through speculation, loopholes, hacking, or any other unauthorized means.

KEENLITY reserves the right to modify service fees. After purchasing a course (whether pre-ordered or officially started), invoices will be issued and sent to the purchasing users.

For courses purchased outside of Taiwan, invoices may be exempted in accordance with the tax laws of the Taiwan.

Armoury service invoices are as stated in the contract.

Termination of Contract and Refunds

Online course regulations are specified separately in the course purchase information.

Users of the Armoury service may terminate the contract at any time. The fees are non-refundable and the service can be used until the end date specified in the contract. To reactivate the service, it will be subscribed at the current price.

本使用者條款(以下稱「本條款」)適用於所有位於及連結於 KEENLITY 鋒測科技股份有限公司所屬網域之網站及所有之行動裝置應用程式(以下稱KEENLITY)。



當您在KEENLITY Inc. 鋒測科技股份有限公司(以下簡稱KEENLITY)相關運行之服務註冊並透過網際網路申請本服務時,表示您同意申請本服務。當您註冊成功橫,本服務條款即成立且生效,您使用本網站提供的所有服務將依據本條款提供。




KEENLITY在法律准許的範圍內,有權隨時修改、調整本條款中的任何條款內容。KEENLITY對本條款內容進行修改或調整會以公告形式發佈通知。任何修改或調整將於公布之時起生效。如果使用者在修改公布後,仍使用KEENLITY所提供的服務,則表示同意遵守本條款之修改與調整。使用者有義務定期查閱本條款,以確保了解本條款的所有更動。如果使用者不同意 KEENLITY對本條款之更動,請停止使用KEENLITY服務,同時,會員應刪除個人檔案並註銷會員資格。




  1. KEENLITY 提供服務之網站:keenlity.com、其子網域及 KEENLITY 所擁有之網站及公司之所有服務。
  2. KEENLITY 提供本服務之適用對象:不限。
  3. KEENLITY 提供本服務之教學課程數量,依您已完成購買之訂單而定,服務網站會顯示出對應的權限,若有疑問,請聯繫客服人員。



  1. 提供正確、最新及完整的資料:您必須提供您本人正確、最新和完整的資料作為用戶登錄資料。
  2. 禁止提供虛偽資料:用戶登錄資料不得包含任何偽造、不實、冒用等虛偽情況,包括個人資料和信用卡資料等。一經發現,本公司有權拒絕該用戶的加入申請並取消其用戶資格。若涉及違反中華民國相關法律的行為,本公司將依法追究相應責任。
  3. 更新用戶基本資料:當您的用戶基本資料(如信箱、住址、電話號碼和其他登錄資料)有任何變更時,請不定期更新相關個人資料,以確保其正確和完整。如果您提供的資料有錯誤或不符,本網站有權根據相關條款暫停或終止您的帳號,並拒絕您繼續使用服務。
  4. 隱私權保護:本公司原則上不會未經用戶本人同意將涉及個人隱私的資料開示給第三方,除隱私權政策相關規定外。
  5. 密碼保護:用戶應妥善保管密碼,不得將密碼洩露或提供給他人知道或使用。使用同一個用戶帳號和密碼進行的所有操作都將被視為該用戶本人和密碼持有人的行為。
  6. 密碼遺失或被盜用:如果用戶發現或懷疑有第三方使用其用戶帳號或密碼,應立即通知本公司並採取必要的防範措施。如果因用戶未及時通知而導致其權益受損,用戶將自行承擔相關責任。
  7. 建立帳號:無論是訪客還是會員,您都可以瀏覽KEENLITY上相對應權限的內容。只有註冊成為會員的用戶才能購買線上課程並享受KEENLITY提供的各項服務。訪客可以輕鬆在KEENLITY上建立帳號。
  8. 合法使用帳號名稱:用戶不得使用與其個人真實資料無關的資訊來建立帳號名稱。這包括但不限於使用模仿他人姓名、攻擊性字眼、種族歧視文字或任何會傷害或侵害他人權益的文字作為帳號名稱。如發現上述情況,KEENLITY有權終止該帳號的服務。
  9. 合法使用服務:您同意在使用KEENLITY時遵守所有適用法律,並僅基於合法目的使用本服務。以未經KEENLITY同意或指示的方式使用本服務或接觸系統均嚴格禁止,KEENLITY可直接停止提供該使用者的服務。


  1. 用戶對於使用本服務所產生之費用,有按時給付之義務,並對本條款終止前已產生之授權使用費,有繳納之義務。
  2. 用戶對於其帳號與密碼有妥善保管以避免第三人知悉之義務。對於使用該帳號及密碼(無關於用戶本身或其他人)利用KEENLITY服務所造成或衍生之所有行為及結果,用戶須自行負擔全部責任。
  3. 為保障本平台、講師及其他學生權益,用戶不得與他人進行帳號分享、課程影片分享串流、擷取、複製、販售、或是公開放映之動作,若用戶違反上述規定,本公司得終止其用戶資格,並針對其⾏為所造成之損害與侵權追究相關民、刑事責任。
  4. 用戶在使用本服務時,有遵守本條款所約定之授權使用原則之義務。
  5. 用戶依本條款之約定所註冊之個人資料有錯誤或已變更者,應儘速通知KEENLITY請求更正。如因用戶怠於通知而致其權益受損者,應由用戶自行負責。
  6. 每次結束使用本服務,建議執行用戶之登出並關閉視窗,以確保您的用戶權益。
  7. 盜用第三者用戶之帳號及密碼,導致第三者或本公司遭其他第三人或行政機關之調查或追訴時,第三者用戶或本公司有權向您請求損害賠償,包括但不限於訴訟費用、律師費及商譽損失等。
  8. 用戶使用本服務之一切行為必須符合當地或國際相關法令規範;對於用戶的一切行為,用戶須自行負擔全部責任。
  9. 不得使用任何侵犯他人人格權、商標權、著作權或其他智慧財產權或其他權利的內容。
  10. 不得使用任何違反公共秩序、善良風俗或其他違法的文字。
  11. 不得使用任何具有強烈政治或宗教色彩的極端言論。
  12. 未經本公司許可,不得利用本服務或本網站提供的其他資源,包括但不限於圖文、聲音、錄影、內容、網頁、程式碼、課程等,從事任何商業交易活動,或招攬廣告商或贊助者。
  13. 不得違反KEENLITY服務的使用者條款中的其他規定。
  14. 每個帳號只能隸屬一個組織,不可使用免費額度來規避。


用戶同意於使用 KEENLITY 時將不會:a) 修改、重製、擷取、存檔、對於任何功能、程式進行還原工程 (reverse engineering)、反向組譯(disassemble)或任何企圖取得原始碼或內容之行為;b) 於服務內容,包含任何商業或置入性行銷之內容,KEENLITY有權自行認定並無條件下架或移除。


KEENLITY不保證以下事項:a) 本服務符合用戶的特定要求;b) 於KEENLITY購買或取得之任何產品、服務、資訊或其它課程將符合用戶的期望。







KEENLITY的設計或排版受著作權、外觀設計、商標、公平法和其他法律的保護,不得進行部分或全部之重製或模仿。未經 KEENLITY 集團明確授權,不得重製或轉發 KEENLITY 的商標、設計、聲音、圖像或任何KEENLITY具有權利之內容。



  1. KEENLITY 應提供具有可合理期待安全性之服務,在不歸咎於用戶方因素的情況下,應確保其系統設備,無發生錯誤、畫面暫停、遲滯、中斷或不能進行連線之情形。
  2. 因可歸責於KEENLITY之事由,應立即於 72小時內更正或修復之。
  3. 您明白 KEENLITY 平台上之課程由各授課老師製作提供,KEENLITY 盡力要求老師們所提供之教學內容或教材之適切性,經您通知知悉課程或教材內容可能有錯誤,我們將協助您與授課老師確認內容。
  4. 您使用本服務時,因可歸責於 KEENLITY 所合作之第三人之事由,發生系統錯誤、中斷、不能進行連線或其他服務品質瑕疵之情形,KEENLITY 將盡力聯繫第三人更正或修復之。


  1. 本服務將符合您的特定要求
  2. 於 KEENLITY 購買或取得之任何產品將符合您的期望,對此是否使用本服務應由用戶考慮且自負風險。




本服務可能含有連結至 KEENLITY 以外之第三方網站,由於 KEENLITY 無法控制這些網站及資源,用戶在使用各該第三方網站前,需自行瞭解各該第三方網站之使用者條款、隱私權政策及安全性。


  1. 每門課程之金額如課程清單所記載。
  2. Armoury費用依合約記載
  3. KEENLITY 得以優惠價格提供用戶自由決定是否加價購買商品、教學課程或服務。
  4. 用戶不得以任何投機、取巧、駭客、漏洞、任意侵害KEENLITY的方式規避給付使用費。
  5. KEENLITY保留修改服務費用之權利。
  6. 購買課程(不論預購或正式開課)後,開立並寄送發票予購課用戶。若於台灣以外地區購買課程,依中華民國稅法得免開發票。
  7. Armoury服務發票依合約記載