Purchase information

Purchase information

Announcement Date: 2023.07.01

Course Types

To meet the diverse needs of learners, KEENLITY offers various types of courses, each with different teaching methods and processes, conducted as per the mode announced for each course. Below is a basic description of the general methods and processes for each type of course:

Tickets Base Program

This program is a consultation course, offered through a Tickets System for providing consultation services. Paid students can open unlimited Tickets for consultation within the usage period. Students are prohibited from reselling or sharing their course rights.

Recorded Courses

Example: Software Testing Tutorial with a Testing Consultant

Specific topics are chosen, and content within a certain scope is recorded and compiled into instructional videos, available on-demand on the platform.

Offers a certain duration of instructional content, including a course-related group for post-class discussions and questions.

Students are prohibited from reselling or sharing their course rights.

Physical Courses

Dates and times for physical courses are arranged in advance. Students decide whether to enroll based on their schedule and attend classes on the set dates and times. There are no make-up classes for late arrivals.

Physical courses are restricted to the buyer only and cannot be resold.

For multiple seat purchases, each participant must register on the website.

Corporate Consulting

Enterprises purchase consulting services from KEENLITY, executed either online or physically, as per the contract.

The enterprise sets the topic, or the consultant customizes the course content.

Participation is determined by the contract.

One-on-One Online Consultation

Conducted using online video software (including but not limited to Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.).

Restricted to enrolled students.

By default, sessions are recorded but not provided to students unless specifically requested.

Post-enrollment, the consultation must be completed within the specified period. Extensions are allowed once, up to a maximum of 30 days.

No refunds or make-up sessions are provided if the consultation is not scheduled within the time frame, unless due to KEENLITY’s responsibility.

Students are prohibited from reselling or sharing their course rights.



Purchase Method

The system uses a shopping cart model, allowing users to add desired courses to the cart for checkout, with payment processed by our financial service partners.

Once payment is received, a uniform invoice will be sent. If a uniform number is required, please provide it during course purchase.


Course Ownership

All courses, consultations, and Q&As are the intellectual property of KEENLITY. Paid students may use them for personal viewing and learning only, without infringing copyright or public disclosure.

To promote courses, software testing, and software quality, KEENLITY may share excerpts on its platforms, communities, and channels, without infringing on the paid rights of students.

Refund Policy

Refunds are limited to the actual amount paid by the user, excluding discounts, coupons, or promotional reductions.

Refunds are rounded to the nearest whole number.

For a full refund, the original payment method is used; if technical issues prevent this, a transfer is used, with any fees borne by the student.

For partial refunds, a transfer is used, with any fees borne by the student.

“Viewing” is determined by entering a course chapter, marking it as completed. Thus, if unsure, do not enter paid chapters or units.

Tickets Base Program Refund Policy

This long-term subscription course offers a trial period. As students fully utilize and understand the course’s uniqueness during purchase, refunds are not provided.

Online Recorded Course Refund Policy

If you have accessed content beyond the trial (paid content), you are ineligible for a refund.

  • 100% refund if requested within 72 hours of purchase and without viewing paid units.
  • 30% refund if requested within 72 hours to six days (168 hours) of purchase and without viewing paid units.
  • No refund if requested after the 7th day (168 hours) post-purchase. 
Physical Course Refund Policy

Considering the distinct costs of physical courses, including scarcity, exclusivity, and time value, occupying a seat implies a non-refundable 100% fee due to potential loss to KEENLITY.

  • 80% refund if requested 14 days before the course start date.
  • 50% refund if requested between 14 to 7 days before the course start date.
  • No refund if requested within 7 days of the course start date. 
One-on-One Online Consultation Refund Policy

Given the time cost and exclusivity of one-on-one consultations, occupying a time slot implies a non-refundable 100% fee due to potential loss to KEENLITY.

  • 80% refund if requested seven days before the scheduled time.
  • 50% refund if requested within seven to three days before the scheduled time.
  • No refund if requested within three days of the scheduled time. 
Corporate Consulting Refund Policy

Executed as per the signed service contract.

Refund Application Process

Detailed reasons for the course not meeting needs must be provided in the refund request email, with cooperation in providing required information.

Use the account verification email to send your request to fabianlin@keenlity.com, stating the reasons. Content format: Subject: Online Course: _____ (Course Name) Refund Request Content: This account has purchased _____ (Course Name), and due to _____ (detailed reasons for the course not meeting needs), a refund request is submitted. Please assist with the refund process. The refund timing is determined by the “time of sending the refund request email”. Refunds are processed based on actual costs paid by the user; discounts are not refunded. The refund process is conducted via email, with both parties obligated to respond within 48 hours to expedite mutual agreement. Delays may lead to reevaluation of the refund application time and potential rejection of the refund.

公告時間: 2023.07.01

課程類型 KEENLITY為滿足各種學習者的需求,開設不同課程類型,每種課程類型有不同的上課方式與流程,將依個課程所公告的模式進行。以下基本描述各種課程類型的一般上課方式與流程:

Tickets Base Program

此課程屬於諮詢課程,藉由Tickets System提供諮詢服務,付費學員可於使用週期內無限制的開立Ticket諮詢問題。



例如: 測試顧問帶你學軟體測試

根據特定主題,安排特定範圍內的教學內容進行錄製,編撰成教學影片並於平台上提供的點播 提供一定時數的教學內容,並包含課程相關群組供課後討論及提問











利用線上視訊軟體(包括但不限於Zoom, Teams, Google Meet等)進行面談諮詢。



















Tickets Base Program退費政策




  • 購買 72小時內且未觀看付費單元→ 可退還 100% 全額課程費用
  • 購買 72小時,六日內(168小時內)且未觀看付費單元→ 可退還 30% 課程費用
  • 購買第 7 日後(168小時後)申請 → 恕不退費



  • 於開課日14日前申請退費→ 可退還 80% 課程費用
  • 於開課日14日至7日前申請退費→ 可退還 50% 課程費用
  • 於開課日7日內申請退費→ 恕不退費



  • 預約時間七日前,可退還80%課程費用
  • 預約時間七日內至三日前,可退還50%課程費用
  • 預約時間三日內,恕不退費







標題: 線上課程:_____(課程名稱) 退費申請

內容: 此帳號購買了____(課程名稱),因為_____(請詳細說明課程不符合需求之退費原因),故提出申請退費,請協助退費程序

退費時間判斷依照「退費申請信件寄送之時間點」 退費作業僅退回用戶繳納之實際花費金額,若有使用折扣,則皆不予退回。