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我們探討撰寫履歷時必須避開的六大常見錯誤,這些錯誤阻礙你獲得面試機會。從解釋空窗期的重要性、避免過強調過去的成就,到如何確保你的履歷既清晰又具針對性,每一點都是基於豐富的面試經驗和人才招聘實踐。還強調了履歷更新的重要性以及為何過分依賴Cover letter是個錯誤。此外,文章提供了具體建議,從而提高被邀請面試的機率。本文的實用建議都將助你避開讓你失去面試機會的履歷陷阱。

The New Chapter in Software Testing Courses – Tickets Based Program

The New Chapter in Software Testing Courses – Tickets Based Program

KEENLITY is launching its innovative ‘Tickets Based Program’ for software testing, a unique blend of self-directed learning and professional guidance. This software testing course aims to enhance learning efficiency and provide precise learning directions while reducing time costs. Subscribers of the ‘Tickets System’ can pose questions about personal learning, software testing, Python development, and receive immediate, personalized responses from experienced professionals. Additionally, the program emphasizes balancing self-study with practical experience to aid students in advancing in the field of software testing.

軟體測試課程的新篇章 – Tickets Based Program

軟體測試課程的新篇章 – Tickets Based Program

KEENLITY鋒測科技正推出其創新的「Tickets Based Program」軟體測試課程,這是一種基於自主學習與專業指導相結合的指導模式。該計劃旨在提高學習效率,確保學生獲得精準的學習方向,同時減少時間成本。透過訂閱「Tickets System」,用戶可以提出有關個人學習、軟體測試、Python開發等問題,並從經驗豐富的專業人士那裡獲得即時且個性化的回答。此外,該計劃還特別強調在自學和實踐經驗之間取得平衡,幫助學生在軟體測試領域取得進步。

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