The New Chapter in Software Testing Courses – Tickets Based Program

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At KEENLITY, we have always been dedicated to providing the best learning and networking platform for software testing professionals. However, with the continuous changes in the market and technology over the past few years, and our practical experience and observations in the enterprise domain, we have decided to undertake a significant transformation. We are ceasing the operation of the Software Quality Club to shift our focus to course development and personal consultation to foster the development of the software testing field.

Innovative Guidance Model – Tickets Based Program

Remember the experimental training program we started last year? Many manual testers, automation testers, and test supervisors participated in this program, which concluded at the end of 2023. The outcomes were much better than I expected. Several members received promotions and salary increases, averaging over 10%; some successfully changed careers, moving from repetitive regression testing to positions involving the entire development process; a few members chose to read specific books and discussed concepts with me, telling me they really enjoyed this kind of intellectual engagement.

These results, I believe, prove that one-on-one consultations have a significant effect on enhancing learning outcomes and job performance.

Hence, we have launched the Tickets Based Program.

This innovative guidance model is based on the student’s autonomous learning, complemented by the professional guidance of teachers, reducing the waste of time and ensuring accurate learning direction.

Think about how much you earn every hour. Do you really need to keep experimenting or searching the internet for answers when you encounter problems? The Tickets Based Program allows users to ask any questions related to personal learning, software testing, Python development, etc., through

a subscription to the “Tickets System.” The biggest advantage of this model is that it offers faster, more targeted, and more extensive answers than consulting sessions, and more importantly, it is supported by real people with extensive professional experience, not generative AI, so there’s no need to guess if AI is telling the truth.

The Balance of Self-Learning and Expert Guidance

Self-learning is undoubtedly a crucial learning method, and we’ve all done it—I’ve walked that path myself. So I know that the road to self-learning is full of detours and obstacles, such as misunderstandings from book content or others’ answers; when encountering problems not covered in books or unsolvable by others online, one might stubbornly try hundreds or thousands of times or simply give up and choose another path.

While theoretical learning is essential, hence the plethora of thematic courses offered by online learning platforms, such as automation testing, Postman, API testing, etc., practical experience is even more important for the growth of software testing professionals. Therefore, we emphasize that students should implement what they learn during self-study or directly observe and learn in the workplace. By identifying problems, a consultant can help you solve the pain points in the process and maintain your peace of mind, reducing anxiety. This method allows students to make mistakes in a safe environment and learn from them, preparing them for future complex challenges in the real world.

We believe that the guidance of experts is irreplaceable; there are just too few experts in our lives, or we always expect free experts to solve our problems, not realizing that we spend more precious time searching for answers online.

When we encounter obstacles, we naturally crave answers, and over time, this can lead to frustration and anxiety. At this point, the intervention of an expert is especially important, able to quickly identify problems and provide effective solutions based on a wealth of experience and theoretical knowledge, and it’s personalized. For example, if you’re not interested in automation, we can approach from the perspective of manual testing. In this way, a significant amount of time and energy is saved, and you also get to understand how experts think about problems, which simultaneously improves your problem-solving skills, crucial for personal career development and growth.

Having studied education for ten years, particularly during my master’s and doctoral periods, I focused on “teaching” and “learning,” especially believing that the method of “learning” is more important. I am convinced that the needs and backgrounds of each student are unique. Hence, through the Tickets Based Program, we cater to students with different needs, levels, and interests. Whether they are beginners or experienced professionals, we can provide them with suitable learning materials and consulting services. Moreover, consultants will offer personalized guidance and suggestions based on the specific situation of each learner, ensuring that everyone can progress on their learning path.

A Special Thanks to the Members of the Original Software Quality Club

Although the Software Quality Club had a short lifespan of only half a year, your support has been invaluable to us. Thus, with the launch of the Tickets Based Program, we are offering a special service to the members of the Software Quality Club: one month of unlimited consultation services. This service is not only a token of our gratitude but also our hope that everyone can experience this new learning method and

continue learning about software testing. We believe that with the guidance and assistance of experts, students will be able to reach new heights in the field of software testing.

Welcome to New Members

In addition to the special offer for our old friends, we have also introduced a special promotion for new friends. Newly registered users can get a 7-day trial period of consultation services, totaling 10 Tickets. Before the end of the Lunar New Year (February 17, 2024), if you provide a resume or LinkedIn in the Tickets System, we will extend the limit of 10 Tickets to 30 Tickets. This is not only a welcome and thanks to new users but also a hope that everyone can better experience the Tickets Based Program, and we can get to know everyone better.

KEENLITY Going Global

From the very beginning of KEENLITY, our vision has been to become the preferred learning and growth platform for software testing professionals worldwide. No matter where you are in the world, if you are interested in software testing, our experts are ready to provide high-quality consultation and guidance to everyone. The Tickets Based Program service is not limited by country, region, or language, and is committed to meeting the needs of professionals from different cultures and backgrounds. Through cross-cultural exchange and learning, we believe we can further promote the globalization of the software testing field. More importantly, we start from Taiwan.

From the Power of Community to ‘Your’ Power

The power of the community is not to be underestimated, but unfortunately, KEENLITY is not yet strong enough to gather more people, so we have decided to withdraw from community management, perhaps waiting for a better opportunity in the future. Next, we will emphasize the importance of the ‘individual’ more. Learning has always been a personal matter. The Tickets Based Program has built the most private teaching environment. Through one-on-one Ticket exchanges, both you and the consultant can speak freely without worrying about whether the words are crude or might offend any faction; you just need to focus on learning.

In addition to training in professional knowledge and skills, if students have expectations for their future careers, we can also provide career development support. Such as career planning discussions, resume review suggestions, and interview guidance, as well as providing the latest industry trends and job opportunities. Our goal is to help students not only succeed in learning but also reach new heights in their careers.

The launch of the Tickets Based Program also signifies that KEENLITY is entering a new stage of development. We look forward to growing with software testing professionals worldwide, shaping a

better future together. Let us join hands in this era full of opportunities and challenges to create a success story that belongs to all of us.

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