Instructor: Fabian Lin

Duration: 7 hours

Lessons: 42

Skill Level: Beginner

Language: Mandarin

Price: NT$2,800

Course Overview

Precise, practical, and efficient software testing is key to the success of a project. Do you want to delve into the core concepts and practical skills of software testing? Then, before you rush towards your goal, set aside any undue eagerness and start by understanding the most basic and pragmatic aspects of testing work, establishing a solid foundation. Building knowledge is a cumulative process, and how to lead you to correctly understand software testing is KEENLITY’s primary mission.

In this course, we will start from a practical perspective, deeply exploring the role of software testing, workflow, testing methods, and general knowledge in test item management and design. You will learn how to define the scope and objectives of testing, understand the core content of testing work, and apply various testing methods and concepts of prioritizing to enhance the quality and efficiency of testing.

Moreover, we will share strategies for managing test items, enabling you to effectively execute testing tasks, utilize resources appropriately, and continuously monitor progress during the project. We will also extensively discuss how to determine test priorities, allowing you to focus on key test items and maximize the effectiveness of testing.

Whether you are just entering the field of software testing or already have some experience, this course will provide you with practical skills and valuable insights. By combining theory and practice, we will help you establish fundamental skills in software testing, making you stand out in the professional world.

This course is designed to help people of all levels understand how software testing is conducted. It is the foundation of all KEENLITY courses.

What you’ll get from this course:

This online course aims to teach students the roles  in the software development cycle, the essential tasks and processes involved, how to determine testing priorities and methods, and to help them build strong testing skills and understand the testing process.

This course is suitable for beginners who want to start a career in software testing, or anyone interested in software testing.


Fundamental Concepts of Testing


Meetings in Software Development Process


Phases of Testing Execution


Communication and Understanding of SPEC


Test Case Design and Management





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