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Tickets Based Program


“In the age of AI proliferation, courses that offer conversations with experts are invaluable.”
“Tickets serve as a conduit for knowledge, fostering interactive sparks of insight”
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Tired of having a bunch of questions after every learning session with no one to ask?

The best solution you need

Are you tired of being left with a multitude of unanswered questions after each learning session? The Tickets Based Program is the solution you’ve been searching for! We understand the frustration of encountering challenging questions during your learning process and not having the right resources or experts to turn to, or even facing no response or sarcasm when asking questions in online communities. That’s why we created this platform, where your questions won’t just float into oblivion – they will be answered!

Expert answer your question

Our service provides you with direct access to software testing experts. Whether you’re dealing with complex concepts in your studies, need clarification on difficult topics, or are simply curious about something new, our experts will provide you with detailed, comprehensible, and personalized answers.

All your questions will be answered.

Our unique approach is to make learning a two-way conversation. We believe that no question is too small or too complex. With our service, you’re not just passively receiving information; you’re actively engaging in a learning process that is tailored to your individual needs and pace.

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Don’t let your questions remain unanswered anymore, as it wastes your time. Seize the opportunity to expand your knowledge, clarify your doubts, and learn with confidence. Subscribe to our service now and transform your learning method. Get ready to have all your questions answered, deepen your understanding, and elevate your learning experience to a new level!

Quickly solving problems, gaining more confidence in your career path.

Why choose a Tickets-Based Program?

Personalized Learning: The Tickets Based Program can be tailored to suit the learning pace and needs of each student. In contrast, recorded online courses usually adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, which may not address the practical issues of students.

Problem-Solving for Specific Issues: Consultants can provide customized solutions based on the specific problems faced by students.

Inspiration: Direct interaction with experts can inspire new ideas and creative thinking.

Adapting to Different Learning Styles: Consultants can adjust their teaching methods to accommodate various learning styles.

Practical Skills: Consultants often provide more practical skills and insider industry knowledge.

Continuous Motivation and Support: The ongoing motivation and support provided by consultants help students maintain their learning momentum.

In-depth Exploration: Direct interaction with consultants allows for more in-depth exploration of topics.

5-Based Instruction model


Ticket Based

We use a personal, exclusive ticketing system, and all the tickets you issue will be saved for the long term, making it convenient for you to review.


Mentor Based

The consultant acts as a mentor, guiding you in solving various issues related to work, career, and psychology, providing professional and reasonably justified opinions.


Problem-Solving Based

Consultancy sessions don’t have a specific theme but focus on solving problems you encounter in the real world. The consultant not only provides solutions but also helps you understand how these solutions are derived.


One-on-One Based

Learning is an independent activity, and being in a public setting can hinder asking questions. Therefore, our program adopts a one-on-one approach, free from external disturbances, where you can ask the real questions on your mind without having to hide anything.


Long-Term Based

We believe that learning is not something that can be achieved in just a few hours; it requires extended periods of practice and correction. Our program lasts from six months to a year, allowing students to set their own pace and learn in the most comfortable environment.


Fabian’s “會心派測試 Social-Psychology Testing Approach” is a unique school of thought that taught me an important concept: The issues encountered in testing work are not always resolved through ‘automated test coverage’ or ‘technical improvements.’ It requires aligning the interests with key personnel in collaborating departments and adjusting the organizational operational processes. By seizing the initiative in QA department’s test work arrangement and advocating for other departments’ understanding of the testing domain, the work of a test engineer becomes smoother. Furthermore, it is crucial for the test manager to break out of habitual patterns, regularly manage test execution, review departmental workflows and team conditions, and optimize adjustments periodically!

Lila Chen

QA Manager

In the past six months, I have received professional testing consultation services from Fabian. In the field of professional testing, the teacher has corrected my testing concepts, allowing me to explore more testing ideas. If you ask me if you can easily acquire skills in the Program, I would like to tell you that it’s “not easy,” but it can definitely lead to much more significant results than expected.

I want to express my gratitude to Fabian for providing me with such a fantastic opportunity to learn alongside excellent teachers and other testing partners on this testing journey.

Marina Lin

System Analyst, E-EXCELLENCE INC

I am deeply appreciative of the professional advice and suggestions Fabian has provided over the past six months. His insights have been pivotal in my work on system load testing.

Under his guidance, I’ve learned how to more effectively conduct load testing, ensuring clarity in what we test and why, and the significance of our outcomes.

Moreover, his attention to detail and commitment to quality have profoundly influenced me. Through Fabian’s guidance, I have understood how to analyze test results and extract insights for improving system performance.

Most importantly, Fabian’s advice and reflections have contributed to significant professional growth for me. I am immensely grateful for his selfless sharing and guidance during this program; it has been invaluable to me.

Luke Liu

Senior Automation Engineer

Since receiving guidance from Fabian, I have experienced fewer setbacks and have developed a much clearer understanding of both the responsibilities and the overarching mission of a test engineer. The insights and instructions provided by Fabian have been a significant source of reassurance, offering me a sense of security in my professional journey. He has an exceptional ability to foresee a wide array of potential risks, guiding me to preemptively avoid them. Additionally, he has been instrumental in teaching me how to confront and effectively resolve any challenges that arise.

The mentorship from Fabian has been more than just technical guidance; it has been a comprehensive learning experience. He has helped me to refine my testing strategies, making them more efficient and effective. His approach has not only been about avoiding risks but also about understanding the deeper aspects of testing, such as its impact on the overall product development cycle and its significance in the delivery of a quality end product. The clarity in understanding and practical knowledge I have gained has been invaluable.

Peter Yang

QA Engineer

Versatile Software Testing-related Topics

If you desire to become an excellent software testing engineer, an automation testing engineer, or even a distinguished QA manager, you can achieve holistic growth through expert consultation. Consultants can provide a wide range of advisory services as follows:

  • Test Management
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Automation
  • Manual Testing
  • API Testing
  • Python ecosystem
  • System Development
  • DevOps / CI / CD
  • Team Building
  • Career Planning
  • Interview Skills
  • ……And More


Fabian Lin

Fabian Lin


Educational Background

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Phd Candidate.

Industry Experience
  • Engineering Director, @17LIVE
  • QA Manager, @iQIYI
  • Senior Automation Engineer, @Synology
  • Senior Backend Engineer, @TrendMicro
  • R&D Manager, @Thecus
Expertise in software testing and automation
  • Proficient in applying theories from sociology, psychology, economics, and other disciplines to analyze software testing issues. Specialized in enhancing internal testing processes within businesses and addressing problems that conventional testing methodologies may not resolve.
  • Proficient in the Python language ecosystem, specializing in developing information systems to address complex and repetitive tasks.

Districts and Countries

Cross-border Management and Coordination

The instructor possesses experience in cross-border management, with teams located in Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Japan, and the United States. The teams have collaborated with companies in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and other regions to successfully complete product testing.

QA managers

Training expert

Instructor has trained over 30 testing managers, each capable of leading a team of testing engineers to achieve goals. Tailoring teams to the strengths of each manager, such as backend, Android, iOS, web, automation, and DevOps.

Consulting hours

Professional consultant

The instructor also serves as a software testing consultant for multiple companies, assisting in test process transformation, team skills training, and designing the foundational framework for automated testing.


Practical experience

The instructor has practical experience in both software development and software testing fields. In addition to developing and overseeing various software projects, he has extensive experience in talent recruitment, having interviewed over 2000 engineers. He can provide career advice related to software development and software testing.

General Quations

How can I confirm that a consultant has the capability to assist me?

During the trial period, you can interact with the consultant to assess whether their advice is helpful to you, whether their ideas are something you haven’t thought of, or if their thoughts align with yours and are explained from an objective perspective. Regardless, the consultant will provide you with professional consulting services based on their expertise.

It’s undeniable that consultants don’t know everything. If a matter is beyond their area of expertise, they will honestly inform you that they are unable to answer. In the future, we plan to increase the number of consultants and expand their areas of expertise to provide a more comprehensive consulting service.

How does the Ticket Based Program work?
The Ticket Based Program is a text-based consultation model.

After purchasing the course, you can access the exclusive Support System on the Support page.

You can decide how to pose your questions, and if the consultant does not understand your query, they will continue to communicate with you.

Our service hours are 24/7/365, and we will respond to your questions within 48 hours.

When you feel that your question has been answered, you can close the ticket. If you do not respond or close the ticket within seven days, the system will automatically close it for you.

It is recommended to provide your LinkedIn profile or resume through the Tickets System before commencing the consultation. This will allow the consultant to gain a better understanding of you and can lead to more effective results.

What language will the instructors use for the classes?

Ticket-based mainly supports Chinese, English, and Korean. If you wish to consult in other languages, the consultant will interact with you using translation software.

How is the course period calculated?

From the date of course purchase, a half-year period is calculated as 182 days, and a one-year period as 365 days.

Is there a trial available?
After registering an account, you will have a seven-day trial period during which you can access the Ticket System and ask up to 10 questions.

Users using the Free Trial are required to provide their LinkedIn profile and resume before commencing the free consultation.

Cancellation and Refund?

Before purchasing a course, understand that this is a long-term Program.

If you request a refund within 14 days of the purchase (including the day of purchase), and have not issued any Tickets, you can receive an 80% refund.

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